Travel Claims

Tired of managing travel bills and receipts? Look no further! Our automated claiming system makes capturing receipts, tracking trip distance and time quick, easy and hassle free. It makes creating and submitting expense reports easier, so you can get reimbursed faster.


Create travel expenses anytime, anywhere


  • Option to create your expense during or after your trip.
  • Choose your mode of transport and log in your trip start and end locations and you are done!
  • If taking a cab, simply take a picture of your receipt and attach it with the claim.

Submit your claims with just a click


  • With all your receipts itemized in one place, easily review and manage your expenses and claims.
  • Simply add each expense and trip and easily submit your expense report to get reimbursed.

Other features


  • Predictive location recommendations and intuitive location search.
  • Multi-modality with the option to log in claims for taxi, car, bike, bus and MRT.!
  • Save your favorite locations and manage your trips from a single place.



Improved compliance

An effortless experience for employees makes in-policy booking easier.


Our travel app enables travelers to book from their desktop or mobile device, giving travelers the flexibility to manage their itineraries on the go.


Automatically send e-receipts to claims, speeding the process of report creation and submission.

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