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QI’s Traffic Information Platform (TRIP) allows the creation, fusion and dissemination of traffic information obtained from different sources of raw traffic information. Designed and built as an extensible platform, TRIP can take in data from multiple traffic flow sources, multiple journalistic information sources, and can even combine other driver-related information, such as parking availability and urban road pricing. All this data is then converted to an internal representation being merged and fused into a single, unified situation picture.With a design philosophy focused on the needs of urban motorists, QI’s Connected Navigation Platform (NavIQ) brings the most cutting-edge, feature rich, navigation experience inside the car.

Digital experience is now ubiquitous in this modern age, and car owners expect much the same inside the car as they do outside, focus being AVN units in the car dashboard. NavIQ bridges the gap between traditional navigation and needs of such modern users by integrating real time motorist focused and lifestyle information into a smart navigation platform.

NavIQ is highly customizable to fulfil differentiation needs of automotive companies and partners, and is designed to meet localization needs while retaining a global approach to its rich feature-set.

NavIQ works out of the box with Global map providers, and can be very quickly customized to work with local/regional map providers.


NavIQ today powers several navigation product lines as a white label solution.

  • Galactio – a commercial navigation product targeting AVN, Personal Navigation Devices (PND), and mobile platforms.
  • Several Automotive companies have used NavIQ as the navigation SDK of choice for their vehicles.
  • Singapore RDS-TMC service offered by QI



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