Data Analytics

Traffic management, analytics and measuring road performance are essential to ensure smooth functioning of urban areas. Quantum Inventions providesa suite of raw data products as well as customized analysis and interpretation of historical vehicle speed and movements, supporting government agencies and enterprise customer to make informed decisions on road infrastructure and future land use.

Quantum Inventions offers a suite of data products that help government transportation agencies and enterprises understand what happens on the roadways in order to make informed decisions on design and build engineering, traffic flow measurement and road network management.


Real-time Traffic Data


Our custom traffic platform TRIP enables us to intelligently gather and fuse complex data streams from multiple sources, containing millions of data points per day to create industry-grade traffic services. QI traffic data includes journalistic incident data, historical data, road pricing information, road works data and travel time. QI Traffic Analytics for Smart Cities offers governments and businesses meaningful results and the big picture to take the right decisions on managing traffic flow, design & build engineering and more.

Speed Data


Our speed data is built on a database of thousands of GPS data points that gives realistic, actionable results to help guide decisions. Available for multiple countries across South East Asia, our speed data can be utilized to meet a wide range of customer needs. Users have the flexibility to choose the area and time span to get the information they require.

Drive Data


Drive data is a crucial resource for understanding the movement of drivers and driver behavior. Our extensive and anonymized probe data can be processed by planning agencies and enterprises to get a clear view on travel behavior of drivers, in specific areas or region, without encroaching their privacy.



Improved decision making

Smart City big data location analytics supports planning agencies in decisions related to traffic management, planning and engineering.

Cost efficient

QI’s Traffic Analytics can replace expensive manual origin-destination survey data incorporated in existing traffic models.

Fully customizable

The modular approach enables users to choose the data and analytics they need to get the job done.

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