Taxi Dispatch System

Quantum Inventions (QI) offers a suite of systems and technologies that can be used for enabling smart solutions for taxi companies. These technologies include traffic-based routing, reverse geocoding, dispatch optimization, intelligent search, map data rendering and full turn-by-turn navigation to serve customers better and to improve the experience of drivers.


Routing Based Dispatch System


The QI routing system QORS-AE dispatches the taxi based on actual driving distance and not on straight line distance i.e. the identified taxi will travel the shortest distance and take the minimum time to reach the pick-up location.

Vehicle tracking


Know where your vehicles are at all times. Get real-time updates on precise vehicle locations and driver status using any online device. Keep an eye on travel times and fuel usage to see where you can improve your business operations.

Optimized Routing


With our built-in turn-by-turn navigation system with live traffic information, drivers can save time by avoiding traffic congestions and road incidents.

Customizable apps


Our dispatch software with intelligent apps for driver and passenger, enable managing taxi bookings simple and convenient. Easy to download on any smartphone, the apps can be completely customized to meet your corporate needs.



Accurate ETAs

Software enables precise estimation of driving distance and estimated travel time, providing accurate information to the passenger.

End-to-end System

QI routing system executes the end-to-end taxi dispatch process, from booking to tracking to managing taxis to even fare estimation with our complete solution.


The cloud platform makes the Quantum Inventions’ Online Routing System secure and reliable to use.

Customizable Solution

The system integrates seamlessly with your existing dispatch software and features a customizable front-end to match your business needs.

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