Telematics is redefining the way you manage your fleet and optimize your operations. Switching to telematics for fleet management is no longer a question of ‘if you should’ but ‘how you can’ adopt it.

The Quantum Inventions Telematics solution, integrated with navigation, offers you a comprehensive technology that can best track & trace, monitor and analyse your fleets in real time.

Business Challenge


Lack of visibility into day-to-day business operations

Spiralling fuel and maintenance costs

Inefficient driver behaviour

Increasing customer expectations for real-time information

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TrackSYNQ is a ready-to-deploy platform that provides track & trace functionality, fleet visibility and geo-fencing, amongst other features. TrackSYNQ’s easy to use comprehensive user interface provides real-time monitoring of your fleets and drivers from any device.

TrackSYNQ is equipped with the following capabilities:

  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Real-time fleet view
  • Geo-fencing
  • Vehicle usage reporting: history and playback
  • Vehicle monitoring: speed and idle time



TrackSYNQ PLUS is a powerful field service management software that handles your job scheduling, dispatch management and vehicle tracking needs. With a single dashboard, you can examine relevant data and alleviate risks to your most important assets: workforce and customers. The traffic-enabled navigation system also facilitates route optimization and provides you the ability to assign jobs, monitor adherence to delivery schedule and rationalize fleet size.

TrackSYNQPLUS is equipped with the following capabilities:

  • Job and dispatch management
  • Active scheduling
  • Optimized traffic-aware routing
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Time-stamped event log

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Routing Based Dispatch System


QI offers a suite of systems and technologies that can be used for enabling smart solutions for taxi companies. The Quantum Inventions Online Routing System (QORS-AE) is a flexible dispatch software that enables routing based taxi dispatch, dispatching the taxi that will travel the shortest distance and take the minimum time to reach the pick-up location.

QORS-AE Taxi Dispatch System allows:

  • Routing based on actual driving distance
  • Optimized routing
  • Increased efficiency of dispatch
  • Accurate ETA to reach pick-up location
  • Reduced customer waiting time

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