Traffic Information Platform


QI’s Traffic Information Platform (TRIP) allows the creation, fusion, and dissemination of traffic information obtained from different sources of raw traffic information. Designed and built as an extensible platform, TRIP can take in data from multiple traffic flow sources, multiple journalistic information sources, and can even combine other driver-related information, such as parking availability and urban road pricing. All this data is then converted to an internal representation being merged and fused into a single, unified situation picture.

Aspects of the situation picture can then be exported out in multiple output formats, such as standards compliant TMC, TPEG and DATEX-II. For certain clients, the data is outputted into delimited text or XML before being sent to the clients. TRIP also provides feeds such as GeoRSS and RSS. TRIP is also probably the only traffic information platform that also has an output to Twitter!

TRIP also has the ability to create different feeds that only combine some of the input sources, allowing for easily accommodating the scenario that a certain feed may combine more input sources to produce a more premium output feed.


Outputs from the Traffic Information Platform are used by multiple clients, including:

  • SingTel Mobile for the TrafficLIVE service
  • Web sites such as that offer traffic-aware routing
  • Singapore RDS-TMC service offered by QI



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