Billions of connected devices combined with ubiquitous digital technologies such as analytics and cloud are unlocking radical new possibilities for brick-and-mortar stores. Armed with this data, businesses can engage consumers and sell more effectively and efficiently. Organizations not only need to understand this complexity but also require systems that can seamlessly integrate various pieces together.

Quantum Inventions’ (QI’s) comprehensive ad-sense solution facilitates precision targeting, increasing user engagement and creating brand awareness with deeper insights and relevant content.


Location Data Science


Timely and accurate location information provides greater insight into customer demographics such as real-time traffic, trends and users intent.

Customer Profiling


Reach consumers based on insights and analytics, utilizing our predefined customer segments.

Audience Relevancy


Target consumers in particular locations, e.g. when they are near your location or a competitor’s location to influence the mobile consumer’s path-to-purchase.



Advertiser Management

Self-service web interface to manage your ad account

Campaign Management & Reporting

Web interface to define & monitor campaigns

Analytics & Reporting

Monitor key performance metrics and gather new insights

Relevant Content

Deliver the right message based on customer insights

Customer Insights

Leverage our pre-defined customer segments to reach the right audience

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A powerful platform for accurate demographic insights for more targeted marketing.

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