Telematics Service Platform


QI’s telematics service platform mapsynq is a real-time Information Services Delivery ecosystem that provides applications with real-time data in a format that complies with international standards followed in the industry.

Using a Unified Identity for personalization, the platform provides a universal, seamless experience for users across their car and personal computing devices, delivering use inspired connected services that not just satisfy, but also augment, their modern lifestyle, entertainment and social needs.

Mapsynq is designed to readily integrate with existing Customer Management Systems of Automotive companies, providing an opportunity to connect with, and better understand individual drivers, and devise unique forms of customer engagement and retention through behavior analytics.

Designed with reliability, security, and scalability in mind, Mapsynq provides a 24×7 always-on assurance that rich applications and connected vehicles need in today’s era of IOT.


  • Applications in Connected cars
  • Connected navigation, such as Galactio
  • Motorist focused applications



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