Vehicle Tracking

In this competitive age, it’s in your best interest to have a complete control over your business operations. Quantum Inventions’ vehicle tracking system trackSYNQ provides visibility into fleet operations, serving as the perfect tool to reduce overhead costs, improve efficiency and boost productivity.


Real-time Vehicle Tracking


Know where your vehicles are at all times. Get real-time updates on precise vehicle locations and driver status using any online device. Keep an eye on travel times and fuel usage to see where you can improve your business operations.

Vehicle Usage Historical Tracing


TrackSYNQ records every journey of every vehicle in your fleet. View the vehicle usage history to see where a vehicle has been at any time over the past six months, and study driving behavior. With this feature, you can immediately spot anomalies and identify patterns in your business.



TrackSYNQ goes beyond merely locating your vehicles. With the powerful geo-fencing feature, you can easily set up geographic boundaries around specific areas and receive automated alerts through trackSYNQ, whenever a vehicle enters or leaves designated areas.

Custom Reports


Receive detailed reports on vehicle usage, vehicle’s efficiency on the road and access logbooks with our vehicle tracking reports. Our reports display key fleet data that matters most to your business to not only reduce expenses but also enhance your fleet’s performance.



Improve compliance

Control vehicle usage and driver behavior with greater visibility into fleet operations

Prevent unauthorized access

Improve vehicle security with geo-fencing and driver identification features

Get insights

Identify anomalies and areas of improving efficiency

In-house installation

End-to-end service right from installation of tracking device to maintenance

Amazon web services

Track your vehicles anywhere, anytime from any online device.



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