Workforce Management

Manage your jobs, schedules, inventory, invoices and field workers in real-time, without the need for time consuming paperwork with TrackSYNQ PLUS. The enterprise-grade dispatch and fleet telematics solution comprises of a web dashboard for dispatchers, mobile app for drivers and a customer portal for end-users for seamless communication.


Job Workflow


Save time with our optimized job dispatch process.TrackSYNQ PLUS helps you create multiple jobs and assign them to your mobile workforce with just a single click. View your mobile workforce’s schedules in one place and keep track of their job load and productivity

Dynamic Dispatching


Our powerful algorithms optimize your fleet efficiency by enabling you to assign jobs to the driver based on his availability, locations proximity and road traffic conditions.

Time-stamped Logs


Reduce follow-ups and optimize your team’s performance with time-stamped event logs that driver can share for all his activities with the dispatcher.

Intelligent Reporting


Reduce administration overheads with automated reporting. Monitor performance, productivity & profitability KPI’s. Access convenient and comprehensive reports displaying information from job summaries to time sheets.



Improve Efficiency

Automate your administrative processes and enhance asset utilization to reduce cost overheads.

Better Communication

Communicate and collaborate with your mobile workforce efficiently through our connected mobile apps for driver.

Business Integration

Seamlessly integrate all your stakeholders – the dispatcher, driver and end customer with our comprehensive solution.

Built-in Navigation

With our built-in navigation system with live traffic information, drivers can save time by avoiding traffic congestions and road incidents.

Customer Delight

Accurate ETAs and regular updates to the customers helps deliver good customer service, resulting in customer delight.

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Simplifying logistics operations

TrackSYNQ Plus provides seamless communication among the driver, dispatcher and customer. Learn how it can help to take your business to the next level.

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