As we shift physical car keys into the cloud, the sharing economy enters the domain of cars, mobility & transportation. SLICK, powered by Continental’s Key as a Service (KaaS), enables a whole suite of seamless mobility solutions without requiring physical car keys.


Share your car with your phone


Easily share car keys by replacing physical key fobs with cloud keys.

Track your car’s location & driver details in real time


Keep an eye on shared users and your car’s location with real time push notifications.

View your car’s entire travel history


Every trip is recorded and stored forever. Keep track of every shared user’s usage.

Be notified of emergency car events


Receive real time notifications and location details of speeding, impact and other important car events.


Replace physical key fobs with digital keys

Shift physical car keys into the cloud & use your smart phone to access your car.

Integrated hardware Unit

Our hardware device combines GPS, GSM (3G/4G), Bluetooth, Key Management & RFID all into one unit, reducing the need to have multiple devices installed.

Unlimited shared keys

Allow shared users to access your car via a mobile app. There is not limit on the number of shared users.

Installation Included

Our team of highly trained experts will provide you with top quality installation, at no additional cost.

T&C apply.

Customizable Subscription plans

We offer both monthly & yearly subscription plans to meet your requirement.

Available both on Android & iOS devices

The Slick Mobile App is available on both Android & iOS devices.

Use Cases

Car rentals can increase efficiency in operations

Streamline the entire rental process by removing the need to manage physical keys & enable seamless car key sharing concepts.

Enable employees to access the company vehicle

Share company car access with your employees via a mobile app. Every user action is tracked & logged for storage.

Share car keys with Friends & Family

Share car keys with your loved ones and give them access to your car without physically transferring car keys.

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