Since its inception, Quantum Inventions (QI) has worked to innovate and build a set of enabling technologies in the areas of GIS, Maps, Dynamic Navigation and Routing, real-time data processing and analysis, traffic intelligence, and traffic information creation and dissemination. These technologies have been carefully combined into platforms that can be applied to similar problems in new geographies. At the same time, the platforms can be extended to cater to new data flows, constraints and requirements.




QI’s Traffic Information Platform (TRIP) allows the creation, fusion and dissemination of traffic information obtained from different sources of raw traffic information.



The Quantum Online Routing System (QORS) is a state of the art routing platform that provides dynamic routes based on multiple static and dynamic criteria such as speed, travel time, traffic avoidance and road pricing charge minimization.



With a design philosophy focused on the needs of urban motorists, QI’s Connected Navigation Platform (NavIQ) brings the most cutting-edge. feature rich, navigation experience inside the car.



mapSYNQ Is a real-time Information Services Delivery ecosystem that provides applications with real-time data In a format that complies with international standards followed in the industry.