Right from its inception, QI has undertaken challenging projects involving GIS data management and processing. Our capabilities encompass spatial data processing, geo-coding data and correlating information from spatial and non-spatial data sources.

In addition, QI also develops algorithms to meet custom requirements in grouping and clustering information points, and also for meaningful extraction of geo-references from structured or unstructured textual data. These techniques can be readily applied to problems faced by companies and governments in managing spatial data from multiple sources.


Our connected navigation solution is designed to be the most modular, customizable and flexible offering in the market that you need to deliver your brand’s unique in-vehicle experience to your customers.



QI has experience of working with map data from different sources, and has developed systems and algorithms that allow to deliver custom solutions in map data processing to make it useful for navigation and routing, and also for applications involving traffic data processing and display.

Our automated claiming system makes capturing receipts, tracking trip distance and time quick, easy and hassle free. It makes creating and submitting expense reports easier, so you can get reimbursed faster.