Multi-Modal Transportation

When trying to get from Point A to Point B, how do you choose the best route to take, choose from the mode of transportation available or balance cost and convenience? Quantum Inventions offers an on-the-go solution that connects all modes of public transportation to help users get to their destination on time and without hassle. The solution is integrated with live traffic incidents and updates to provide users with a real-time view of the best transportation


Comprehensive Information


An all-encompassing solution that gives users all transit options – bus, train, taxi and even walking, in one place.

Multiple Route Types


To suit user’s transport preference, we offer multiple routing options such as traffic-aware, minimum change of mode of transport and more.

Detailed Routes


We provide a detailed route overview that displays each step of a user’s journey, including where to change trains and walking directions – right to the destination.

Live traffic information


Integration of live traffic information, traffic incidents and cause of delay in commute time better prepares users to beat the jam and make informed decision for their travel options.



To People

Improved transport efficiency and convenience for people, helping public and businesses thrive.

To Government

Reduced road congestion to make your city smart and more livable.

To Transport providers

Showcase your service to a larger audience and improve your utilization rate

The QI Advantage

Along with our in-house routing capabilities, you get the benefit of end-to-end real-time traffic data processing and analytics.

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