Internet connectivity and big data analytics are together creating new possibilities for the automobile industry.

Our Automotive solutions integrate with existing dealership and customer management systems of Auto makers, giving them an opportunity to closely connect with and better understand individual drivers, and devise unique forms of customer engagement and retention.

Business Challenge


Increasing customer expectations to receive real-time data

Ever burgeoning concept of Internet of Things and everything connected

Need for better product/ service differentiation

Our Products

In Car – Connected Navigation


Galactio is an OEM-grade connected navigation software that integrates high performance and award-winning features with real-time information services such as traffic, parking availability and fees, toll rates, fuel prices, weather and so on. As an OEM you can integrate our technology into cars to provide a personalized in-car entertainment and navigation system, allowing your customers to plan their journey that is easier, safer and faster.

Information Services


We process and analyse large volumes of data to deliver the right information at the right time. Equipped with information reception and dissemination competencies, our solution proactively assists drivers on a range of real-time traffic related information services such as traffic aware routing, toll routes, weather updates, POI data, parking information and more during their trip.



mapSYNQ’s brilliant technology provides traffic aw are routing and congestion management by providing tolling information and avoidance routing. mapSYNQ enables personalization, vehicle maintenance and CRM features as well as navigation and assistance features. It also serves as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal, enabling customer interactions to manage personal user preferences, software updates, map upgrades, to name a few.



Award winning end-to-end solution compliant with standard traffic data protocols

Completely customizable in-car design and experience.

Easy integration and rapid deployment to market

Facility to custom engineer components based on specifications

User-centric interface

Learn valuable insights about your drivers.

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